History of ShifText.com

  • October 19th, 2021

    Formulating The Idea

    Big Ideas Start With Small Building Blocks

    In the spirt of creating, I decided I wanted to make a SaaS that could take programming tutorial on YouTube and turn it into a sleek text tutorial on the same topic. Basically, I had seem people complain about content being created video first and that made it harder for them to search for the parts that were relevant to them. I also think that it takes a good chunk of time to produce a high quality video tutorial AND a written one, so why not make it easy for the creators to focus on the video and I make a tool that helps them create even more accessible content.

    Of course, this will have many parts that will be challenging. How do we determine good break points and titles to add? How do we take code examples on screen and turn them into searchable, syntax highlighted content on the page? I may not be able to do these things, and if I can't at least I learned and tried along the way. So in my mind, the first version will be something 'simple', something that already exists. The flow will be as follows:

    Accept YouTube URL -> Pull Video -> Process audio from video and generate text -> Make simple MarkDown file with title of YouTube video with text contents -> Return to User

    Once that is in place I will attempt to start sprinkling in the complexity.

  • October 20th, 2021

    Names Suck

    Basically what the title says 😂

    I ended up just randomly trying words in a name generator and ended up seeing shiftext and thought that was at least somewhat fitting for what I wanted to do. I want to shift the video to text! So I ended up jumping over to Namecheap and saw that the .com was available and WAS NOT insanely priced so I picked it up.

    As of this writing it is still pointed to the parking landing page and I have written zero lines of code to get started.