History of CatStach.io

  • October 13th, 2021

    Deciding to Build CatStache

    Defining MVP

    On this day, I decided to create a personal blog to help keep track of building in public. I always want to make new things but I can suffer from decision paralysis, waiting for a million dollar idea, and not improving my knowledge and skills. In order to avoid doing nothing, I made this Blog to write about my experiences and show what I am building!

    In order to get this online ASAP I decided that the following would be the MVP: Homepage, Blog section with dynamic blog routes, About with some basic info, simple SEO, and basic tracking with Google Analytics (not a huge fan, but easiest to get SOME detail).

  • October 15th, 2021

    CatStache is Live!

    Official Launch & Tweaks

    At this point, I have met the MVP goals set out and was able to launch! I did make some mistakes with how I setup my Google Analytics, so I had to back track and make sure that it was working as intended. I also made sure to update my document descriptions and titles for better SEO 🤞 I also added a typewriter effect to the home page because I thought it looked neat, and made some tweaks to make the site load in a semi decent way on mobile.

  • October 18th, 2021

    Blog Improvments

    Incremental Improvments Rock

    One thing that I skipped in order to launch ASAP was automating the list under Recent Posts on the landing page, so I decided to update the logic to display the last 5 blog posts with the newest one listed first. I also overhauled the /blog route to not just show a punky Recent Posts that was the same as on the home page. Now you will get a list of all the blogs published with their date, description, tags, and a Read More call to action. I also added in the tags mentioned before - they currently link back to the /blog route with a query parameter of tag and the tag clicked, like catstache.io/blog?tag=tooling if you clicked the #tooling tag.

    In the future I want to add a search filter to that page, and it will be sorted by the tag when you land there with the query parameter.

  • October 21st, 2021


    Where I Will Build in Public

    I don't really participate much on twitter, but I plan to at least share out my progress with #buildinpublic. I wanted a way to capture all the work ill be doing on projects in an easy to digest way for anyone who is interested. This lead me to add the /projects route with /projects/[projectname] being a record for changes. Almost like a changelog, but not quite. I am going to start with a timeline component and see how that works over time, if I think of better way to display this type of info in the future I will make the change.