JavaScript Bites: Closure

The concept of a closure in JavaScript can be confusing at first, this article sheds light on what it means!

JavaScript Bites: Ternary Operator

If you have ever been looking at JavaScript code and wondered what the heck the question mark and colon is doing, look no further!

Tilld Devlog #1 - Building a Better Knowledge Source

In an effort to build in public, I am writing up my journey of creating a new SaaS called Tilld

Why You Should Write Pure Functions

When a codebase grows in size and complexity, it becomes harder to test and reason about. Writing pure functions as the core building blocks can help alleviate those issues.

Higher Order Functions & Functional Composition

JavaScript can be written in a functional way with Higher Order Functions (HOF) and functional composition - explore these concepts with some simple examples

JavaScript Array .map() vs .forEach()

When you are working with arrays of data in JavaScript, when should you reach for map or foreach?

ES2020: Nullish Coalescing with Babel Plugins

Simple Tutorial for setting up and using nullish coalescing with Babel

Modern JavaScript Tooling: Compiling

Simple tutorial on setting up a modern JavaScript compiling/transpiling toolchain